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Welcome to Story Lab Language Training, a revolutionary English learning system that will have you hooked from the very beginning and will help you advance with your language skills faster than you have ever imagined! We are glad to have you here and we are sure you will have a great experience in our website!

Our vision

English is a fundamental language in our society. In many professions, the lack of English skills is a very limiting factor, and can harm your career and your business and social projections. Learning English is always a great investment, because it will enhance your work performance, your businesses and your learning and social possibilities.

We at Story Lab Language Training know that studying English, or any other language for that matter, can be difficult and exhausting. Exercises are tiresome and practices can test our perseverance and our tolerance to frustration. But English can be an awesome language if we give it the opportunity to be so. Our aim is to give you the tools and the framework to learn English in a fun and engaging way, to help you develop your skills and have a good time while meeting new friends from all parts of the world.

Our method

Psychologists and anthropologists agree that storytelling is motivating and engaging for our brain because that is the way we experience life. Our biography is our big story, and other people's lives are stories as well, so that's how our brain functions. We love to read or be told about fantastic stories, so why not use that interest to learn English?

We provide tools and platforms to help you learn English through stories. You will read tales from all genres, from fantasy to adventure, from romance to action, anything that suits your fancy. You will also create your own stories in English, in any genre and extension that you want! So if you have an artistic side that you would like to use to practice your English skills, you have arrived at the right place at the right time!

Our community

No man is a rock, and when we find the right group many of us can enhance our capabilities and further develop our skills and possibilities. For that reason, even if learning with Story Lab Language Training can be an individual experience from your home, or any place with an Internet connection, we provide a dynamic platform for you to interact with other students.

Construction of stories is a social activity and can be a kickstarter for productive and enjoyable bonds with people of your same interests or style. When we become a part of our community, you can share stories and learn together with other students. You can develop your storytelling techniques as well as your language expertise, and use these imaginary journeys to share great experiences with others. Become a part of our community today and start learning together!

Everyone has a story to share! Connect with other students around the world and start learning today!

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Newly Rich Chinese Influx Now Learning English

Newly Rich Chinese Influx Now Learning English


We always welcome new members to our growing community. Join us today!

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