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The Chinese growth and expat increase

During the course of the XX and XXI century, the Chinese republic experienced a long series of changes that reshaped it as a country and as a nation. As one of the oldest empires in the world, the Chinese have a long history of tradition, evolution and knowledge that they can share with the rest of the world and that contributes to give them a very unique personality and culture, forming a strong and ancient identity. The recen history of the Chinese republic has led to an explosive economical growth and a powerful expansion in the sphere of businesses that has positioned this country on the first line of the international market. With thousands of millions of people working to make this nation greater and more influencial year after year, it is no surprise that businesspeople from all around the world cast their eyes on China, as well as China casting its eyes upon the rest of the world.

The politics of the Chinese government are strongly encouraging the millions and millions of Chinese people to travel abroad and visit other countries. Every year, countless Chinese tourists travel across the globe, visiting new cultures and getting in contact with scenarios sometimes very different from their own. Businesses catering at Chinese people often have good prospects of growth and success, and the demand is increasing year after year. Also, the Chinese people massively travel to other countries to establish international relations, business deals and expand their own activities as one of today's economical powers in the world. Read More...

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Newly Rich Chinese Influx Now Learning English

Newly Rich Chinese Influx Now Learning English


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